Happy birthday to my friend, linh-sama!  I wanted to try an Okami-inspired watercolor rendition of Ryuko and Mako.  I chose the worst paper to work on though. Whenever I laid down any color, it would just sit ON TOP of the paper in a water bubble READY TO BURST AT ANY PROVOCATION so I had to wait at least ten minutes for each layer to dry.  It turned out okay in the end though!  I killed time in between watching House of Cards. 8D

Make me choose → xenomorphfiend asked: Uncharted or The Last of Us?


it is i, nonons evil twin sister, ouioui


Shingeki no kyojin TRANSPARENT STICKERS Part I Part II.


Food porn from Omurice Jamjam, a delicious food webcomic by Cho Kyung Kyu


This might not be appropriate because I have tons of other comissions lined up for me to finish, but 


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